Love the Seaside

Arizona is home, it’s a safe harbor which we are overjoyed to open to all of you

The love for our sea, the emotions that emerge when we walk down the boardwalk that leads to the shoreline.

The smell of warm sand in the full days of August.

To enjoy all the sounds of the sea, of the crashing waves, to walk on the seashore.

But overall, the scent of the sea.

These are all simple moments which make our structure wonderful.

It’s what drive us to give our best for our beach, that we have proudly been taken care of since 1967.

When we are asked to give a definition of our structure, we always find ourselves a little puzzled.
In italian there ins’t a universal term to define us, “bagno”, “lido”, and the most common “stabilimento balneare”. The definition changes from place to place. Even in english this task is still difficult: beach, resort or beach club? There aren’t structures like ours abroad.

All these terms have always been too limiting for us. We’ve always considered ourselves “the belly of the beach lifestyle”, a hybrid between a holiday house and a tourist village but without the overnight stay.
Our guests attend this beach for about six months a year.
They grow with us.
We grow with them.

Sometimes however we are simply home. A meeting place where people gather together and have a chance to share, love and relax.
And that’s exactly why our family tries to pumper our guests and to make them feel just like at home.
Working hard with strong ideals, handed down from our loved ones.
For us, it should be summer all year round.

To live continously in the sunny and warm weather, like when the hours merge one into the other.
Or like when we forget to have dinner because we stay at the beach until late and then we wonder “what time we got?!”
Or simply like when we arrive in the early morning at the sea to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beach.
For us, this is the meaning of “Love the Seaside”.
To live the sea the way we like it.

See you at the beach!