a key element to the bathroom Arizona. We love sports and physical well-being, and it is essential for us to give the right space to our guests for sports and at the same time keep fit.


keep your body in shape during the summer has never been easier.


The pool is available to our customers from early morning until late afternoon, where you can swim safely. Throughout the day you can swim or splash around in one of the most beautiful pools in the city: the fund in mosaic and the sea water are the elements that make it unique. They also conducted swimming lessons for all levels, or the style courses. The swimming school is coordinated by the H2O & Fit, specifically by dr. Alessandro Rosi, instructor Since a degree in Sports Science. For some years also they are conducted training courses Functional during the morning.



With six beach tennis courts, swimming Arizona was the first beach to welcome this innovative sport is in Viareggio and in Versilia. Since always, since it was installed the first network in 2001, the Bath Arizona is the main goal of all the samples of national and international beach tennis.
During the last years Tennis School STS, lead by Sivlia Storari, has become a point of reference for all the professionists and amateurs of this beautiful sport. Our classes are addressed to everyone: from four years children to adult professionist, passing through older kids and adults who want to try Beach Tennis for the first time.



Since 2006, Paul and James carry out even the surf school. If you want to experience the thrill of riding a wave in the surf this is right place to start. 2015 News is the Sup, better known as Stand Up Paddle Board.

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The purpose of this training is to develop a harmonious and strong body through exercises that address the basic functions for which he was born; why they go to create paths that are as close as possible to what the body makes naturally. Alessandro ( will get back in shape for bikini try!

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